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Livestock Management Submit Enquiry

Our company has acquired an in-depth understanding of livestock production in Ukraine through many years of operation. This experience encompasses the key factors of livestock management and production in relation to genetics, animal health and animal nutrition which are very closely inter-related.

We are able to help quantify feed requirements in relation to existing and planned livestock production scenarios and translate these into raw material requirements in terms of cropped areas and the need for purchased raw materials that cannot be produced at farm level. This provides improved business level strategy development and forward planning. We are also able to provide a raw material analysis service which helps to safeguard expenditure and through more accurate ration formulation, the health and productivity of the livestock unit. 

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Laboratory Services

Accurate quality specifications of raw materials are required to make context-specific decisions on the nutrition of livestock and poultry.
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Livestock Nutrition

Together with you we strive to find and work out optimal nutrition solutions that best suit your livestock business accounting for raw materials available and terms of delivery of the finished product.
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Technical Support

The provision of an integrated package of practically based technical support and quality animal feed supplements is the cornerstone of our business.