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  • Mycotoxins and mycotoxicosis in livestock production

    Mycotoxicosis refers to different diseases caused by exposure to different mycotoxins.Mycotoxins rarely occur at concentrations high enough to cause immediate expression of clinical symptoms. Mycotoxins are more frequently present in animal feed at low concentrations, producing subclinical symptoms over a certain period of time. It makes it more difficult to diagnose and has serious effects of greater economic importance.Mycotoxicosis often resul…

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  • The importance of colostrum intake

    In pigs there is no other phase in which such a high percentage of losses occur such as in farrowing site, in particular in the first days of life. At this stage the determining factor for survival is the rapid consumption of colostrum. Colostrum intake is essential for: Energy needs: glycogen stores in a newvorn piglet are very rare, therefore the colostrum is needed to maintain their body temperature and metabolism.Acquire passive immunity: the…

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  • Understanding Water Mineral Analysis Report

    Water intake and quality plays a very important role in the health and productivity of livestock.50-80% of the body is comprised of water. Milk is roughly 87% water. Mineral content is a part of water quality. These minerals contribute to the total daily intake of livestock and as such any responsible approach to the determination of the mineral balance of the complete diet should consider that supplied from water.The mineral content of water wil…

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  • Optimization of Feeding the Transition Sow

    Sow peri-parturient hypogalactic syndrome is a general term associated with the sows failure to milk in the early part of lactation. It is characterized by the following symptoms:Mastitis, agalactia (MMA syndrome)Milk failure 2-4 days after birth (often there is sufficient at farrowing)Low (slow) feed intakeSows laying on their bellyPiglet neonatal mortality is at its highest during the first 3 days after farrowing and is associated with one or m…

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  • Fertility and Body Condition Score: Negative Energy Balance

    A cow in NEB has to find the energy to meet the deficit from its body reserves. Thus cows in NEB tend to lose body condition and liveweight, with cows that are more energy deficient tending to lose weight and condition at a faster rate.Nutritional influences on fertility are multi-factorial and complex and may occur at several stages of the reproductive cycle.Research from the USA suggests that as the scale of NEB increases, the interval to…

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