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Prebiotic ammonia inhibitor

Neutralises ammonia    
Regulates digestion  
Improves productive performance

Composition and effect:

Yucca extract (sarsaponins): 

It favourably affects nitrogen metabolism, particularly due to increased renal clearance ensures reduced blood serum levels of urea and ammonia. 

It improves productive performance of animals by reducing excessive levels of ammonia, produced in gastro-intestinal tract during digestion.

It conduces to improvement in reproductive performance by faster ammonia excretion which results in reduced number of stillbirths and non-viable offspring.

It reduces blood cholesterol level.

It has antibacterial properties and it is especially effective against gram-positive bacteria. In contrast to ionophores, it does not just reduce the surface tension in the extracellular fluid which promotes ion penetration through membrane barriers, but also has a strong membranolitic effect.

It has a strong inhibitory effect associated with microbial absorption that is directly related to the density of microflora. 

When added to sow diets before farrowing, it results in significant increase in the number of viable piglets.

Prebiotic complex: 

It is a broad-spectrum prebiotic complex to maintain healthy gut environment and improve systemic immunity.

It contains mannans, beta-gluconates and fructans.

It promotes establishment of beneficial microflora in the gut due to increase in beneficial bacteria population, especially lacto- and bifidobacteria.  

It inhibits the growth of potentially harmful micro-organisms.

It does not allow pathogenic bacteria to get fixed in the intestines by filling the fixation sites.

  • Faster weight gains and higher egg production in chickens
  • Better growth rates in pigs
  • Higher milk yields in cows

Inclusion rate per 1 metric tonne of finished feed

For pigs, poultry and cattle: 1 kg

Manufactured and packed in the United Kingdom by Frank Wright Ltd. 

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