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Right Frank Ltd is a leading well-established company with unrivalled experience in nutrition and genetics of livestock and poultry in Ukraine. Right Frank Ltd offers cutting-edge premixes, vitamin & mineral supplements, and special-purpose products developed with the most advanced technologies and produced in the United Kingdom by Frank Wright Ltd, which is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of professional nutritional solutions.

We also deal with the bull semen, including the sexed semen, offered by Cogent Breeding company, which is the UK's leading supplier of bovine genetics.

Moreover, Right Frank Ltd renders analytical services for the laboratory analysis of feed ingredients and raw materials and also provides consulting on the livestock nutrition and housing, as well as on the economics and management of livestock production.

Our knowledge and experience in providing considered technical advice and innovative nutritional solutions worked-out jointly with business partners of Right Frank Ltd enable them to take advantage on the Ukrainian market in terms of cost-efficiency of their production.

Our team of skilled professionals has sufficient information on the nutrition and management of livestock, poultry, including turkey and ducks, rabbits and fish.

Continuous analytical services on the base of the Frank Wright laboratory facilities make it possible for our clients to carry out highly-accurate analysis of various raw materials and ingredients of the compound feeds, including both traditional and alternative ones.

Having accurate information about ingredients available, our consultants can develop and implement optimum sustainable solutions to improve the quality of nutrition and reduce the production costs in each specific case.

The mission of Right Frank is to improve the nation’s health

Our activity is focused on making the most of livestock and poultry potential to ensure sustainable development of your business.

Right Frank provides 

Analysis of compound feeds and their ingredients in the UK laboratory facilities

Optimisation of livestock and poultry formulations and rations

Calculation of economic efficiency and applicability of the nutritional solutions

Smart producer-to-producer logistics 

Right Frank offers

Premium quality premixes and special-purpose products manufactured in the United Kingdom and Switzerland

Sexed and ordinary dairy and beef semen

Right Frank Ltd – reliable business partners and supporting decisions

Right Frank Ltd was established and formally registered in Ukraine in 2001. The setting up of the company was predated by a number of trials conducted in Ukrainian agricultural companies to ensure adaptation of the offered products on the Ukrainian market.

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