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Consists of prebiotic complex and buffered organic acids, calcium formate, fumaric acid.

Composition and function:

Prebiotic complex

It is a long chain of sugar complex molecules, which fill gaps in molecule fixation sites thereby preventing pathogenic bacteria from fixation in the gut. 

These molecules promote growth of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium populations.

They also boost primary immune response by increasing the activity of macrophages.

Lactobacillus growth promotion results in decreased gastrointestinal pH level.

Calcium formate

 Its function is to acidify gastrointestinal environment of animals down to the level at which E.coli and salmonella can not survive.

Fumaric acid

 Its function is to additionally acidify the intestinal environment to create the most adverse conditions for the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

The mode of FORMIN action ensures the maximum strength of the product in duodenum - up to 85%.  Due to specific characteristics of FORMIN, it is possible to maintain pH levels in the gut within the safe range, which is 4.2-6.0.

Piglets, which nurse sows fed FORMIN, have higher weights at weaning. They also demonstrate considerably higher growth rates (daily weight gains) and significantly lower feed conversion ratio.

The faeces of pigs contain considerably less pathogenic microflora, and incidence of diarrhoea is much lower in those animals.

Inclusion rate per 1 metric tonne of finished feed

From 0 to 15 kg of live weight:10-12 kg

From 15 to 30 kg of live weight:7-9 kg

From 30 kg of live weight and to the slaughter:6-3 kg

For lactating sows:2-4 kg

Formin significantly promotes growth of piglets during the critical post-weaning phase

Manufactured and packed in the United Kingdom by Frank Wright Ltd. 

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