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Premixes For Dairy Cattle

As experience of many farms shows, Frank Wright premixes help to optimally balance diets for dairy cows and significantly reduce the costs of raising.
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Premixes For Pigs

Premixes for pigs are formulated in the best way to meet nutritional needs of pigs. Likewise all our premixes are produced in accordance with the highest standards of product quality, safety, efficiency and tracking.
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Premixes For Poultry

Premixes are homogeneous mixtures of biologically active substances (vitamins, micro- and macroelements, etc.). Vitamins and microelements are vitaly importante for poultry
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Special Products

To improve specific characteristics of mixed feeds and decrease feed conversion ratio (FCR), we selected a series of unique feed supplements. Each of them plays a marked distinctive role in the feeding technologies which we offer to our customers.
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Nufobacter L

Synergistic blend of organic acids
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Coventry Chemicals Production
Coventry Chemicals has a fully equipped technical department
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25 July 2023: Packaging Predictions
New packaging rules will now be deferred for a year
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